You are about to submit a whistleblower report on this page, which is designed exclusively for this process. We would advise you to read the NGE Code of Ethics, since you will need to be familiar with this to ensure that your report is in accordance with this document. We should also remind you that you should speak to your manager beforehand to obtain the necessary advice. Indeed, these concerns should normally be raised with your direct or indirect functional or operational manager.

Please note that the information you submit on this page can only be considered if you, and anyone you might name, are clearly identified on the form. Failing this, the information cannot be entered on this page.

This identification is consistent with the provisions of the Law of 16 December 2016 (known as the Sapin 2 Law),the Law of 27 March 2017 (known as Devoir de Vigilance) and Decree No. 2017-564 of 19 April 2017 (as well as the requirements of the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) concerning the automated processing of personal data). These are designed to protect both the whistleblower and the person under suspicion. These legal rules specifically protect the whistleblower from any sanction or prosecution as a result of the report made.  

The information you need to enter on this page is strictly confidential and will only be disclosed to the Compliance Officer, who may decide to take the necessary action in consultation with the NGE Ethics Committee. This information will only be shared with individuals on a need-to-know basis. If no action is taken, all information relating to this report will be destroyed.

This information must be complete, detailed and provided in good faith. Please note that the use of the whistleblowing procedure for defamatory purposes or with the intention of harming the reputation of an individual or legal entity will incur sanctions or could lead to prosecution.

This report will only be valid if your identity is clearly stated. This information is required for your report to be admissible.

NGE whistleblower report

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